C. R. Baugh - Career Experience



Dr. Baugh launched the Continuous Career Invention experience in 2000 after personally experiencing and creating the process for 10 years. Since then dozens of people have benefitted from the process. Both organizations and individuals have embraced this program. Both management and participants have described the experience as the most comprehensive, systematic, inventive and intense career development experience in which they have participated. As a result, participants experience great leaps forward in creating a career that custom fits their interests and skills and makes them much more of a contributor and full participant in their chosen field. Many participants describe the process as the most influential factor in their career development and success.



Since 1991 Dr. C. R. Baugh has been assisting businesses with advanced technology consulting in the telecommunications industry. He has assisted dozens of companies with advanced telecommunications technology. He has being part of the initial team that launched five startup companies. 1990, he was recruited by Teknekron Communications Systems as Director of Engineering to start a new development center concentrating on Network Management software for the corporation in Bellevue. In 1987, Dr. C. R. Baugh joined Boeing as Chief Engineer and head of engineering in a Boeing start­up for communications products supplied to the telephone industry. There he introduced SmartPort to the market which was shipped in large volume to U.S. West. He also initiated an ISDN based digital data product and a digital radio system for provisioning telephone service in the rural areas as a replacement for copper wire. In 1981 he moved to Racal Datacom as Senior Director where he initiated new products in compressed speech, high-speed modems, asynchronous transfer mode data communications, ISDN, and commercial encryption. In addition he managed network management software development and coordinated the technical communications standards and FCC regulatory participation. Dr. C. R. Baugh joined Bell Laboratories in 1970 after receiving a Ph.D. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. At Bell Laboratories he did pioneering work in digital voice and signal processing and in 1977 became a Supervisor of PBX software development.

Dr. Baugh invented fundamental technology for ISDN. He received the IEEE Centennial and IEEE Outstanding Service Awards. He has 14 patents, written more than 25 technical publications, and presented numerous technical lectures and short courses on telecommunications technology. 

He was elected a Fellow of the IEEE for his pioneering "contributions to modern digital communications techniques in computers and telephony".