C. R. Baugh and Associates Services



The Continuous Career Invention program is an incredibly personal and powerful experience through which participants identify barriers to success that were previously invisible to them. By helping reveal personal blinders that all people wear, guiding participants through critical career and self reflection, and creating a mechanism for diverse and insightful feedback, Continuous Career Invention provides participants with the knowledge and perspectives to propel them to great career success, however they define success.

A key element of the experience is a series of "innovation and incubation" meetings where the participants get feedback from people with successful careers (not necessarily directly related the participant's field). Engaging with people who have experienced success offers extraordinary perspective to those who are seeking to generate career success. The cornerstone of this part of the program is acknowledging nearly everyone who ends up enjoying her career has synthesized their path rather than being given a path or having copied someone else’s path and helps participants identify and define their personal career path.



Dr. Baugh provides a full range of expert witness services for selected areas of Telecommunications technology. His prior expert witness work includes testimony in court, submitted invalidity and non-infringement expert reports, submitted claim construction expert reports, and patent analysis.